Existing Adopters

Frequently Asked Questions


My drain is in need of maintenance, what should I do?˅

Do not attempt to service the drain yourself, contact the City of Delaware through the Del-AWARE web portal so your drain can receive maintenance.

What should the Del-AWARE web portal be used for?˅

The Del-AWARE web portal can be used to report storm drain maintenance issues (such as large amounts of sediment, broken grates, clogs, etc.) along with down trees, sidewalk concerns, bike path concerns, areas needing snow and/or ice removal, code enforcement concerns, and much more.


How do I unadopt a drain?˅

Please contact stormwater@owu.edu to inform the program that you no longer wish to care for a certain drain. You can unadopt a drain without any hassle.

Why is it important that I fill out the cleaning form?˅

The cleaning form allows Adopt-a-Drain (Delaware, OH) to keep track of its impact in terms of approximately how many pounds of debris are collected from on and around storm drains. In addition, it allows for the determination of trends, such as which litters are the most common and what times of year debris collects on and around drains most prevalently.

I have two or more that are do not have nickname, how do I differentiate which drain I cleaned on the cleaning form? ˅

You can submit one form for all your drains or you can submit one form for each drain and choose whether or not to differentiate between the two. To differentiate which drain belongs to what form, you can state which side of the street the drain is on in the “Drain Nickname” question or in the comments box. Please pick the most convenient option for you.

I see other drains have “don’t pollute drains to waterways” stickers, how can I get one for my drain?˅

Please contact the Delaware Soil and Water Conservation District.